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Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular exercise is also known as aerobic exercise and it is a term that refers to exercises that involve leg muscles with an intense participation of lungs and heart. The word ‘aerobic’ refers to anything that needs air, as during a cardiovascular exercise oxygen is continuously delivered to the muscles. Specialists speak in favor of cardio workouts because they have numerous health benefits. However, in order to reap the fruits of such training, you have to exercise at a certain intensity level. The machines now available in […]

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Cardio Exercise

A successful cardio exercise should include a warm-up and then progress to a high intensity period of the work-out, followed by a cool-down period at the very end. We are traditionally coached to stretch the primary muscles before the workouts, after the warm up. You might come across different schools of thought when it comes to the use and effectiveness of stretching. The frequency and duration of the cardio exercise also matter greatly, because they are responsible for the efficiency of your training. Three to five days […]

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Exercise for Cardiovascular Health

Although there are countless activities known to relieve stress, we will select a handful that require essentially no preparation and can be done right away. The first activity is a breathing practice known as fourfold breathing. What you do is inhale for a mental count of four seconds, hold your breath in for a mental count of four seconds, exhale for a mental count of four seconds, and complete the cycle by holding your breath out (not breathing in again) for a mental count of four seconds. […]

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